What's New with ABCAC?

ABCAC is offering a new credential!

The Certified Peer Recovery Specialist Credential (CPRS) is now available.

Please see the certification tab for more information,

ABCAC now offers computer based testing for all exams.

Why should I get my certification AND license in the State of Arizona?

1. Multiple insurance companies in Arizona like Cigna and Aetna are now requiring state certification in substance abuse counseling in addiction to licensure as a mental health counselor, psychologist, social worker, etc. to be listed as a substance abuse provider within their networks. Being certified as an Advanced Alcohol and Drug Counselor meets this requirement.

2. It's portable! With a certification recognized through IC&RC, you can travel to any state or country that recognizes IC&RC reciprocity. Lots of states do not have a formalized licensure board, so with a certification you can move and take your certification with you. 

3. Do you work with military clients? You need to have a certification.

4. For Clinical Supervisors you can impress employers and your supervisees by having not only board approval, but also a certification to provide the best supervision because you have proof of 10,000 hours!

5. Are you working with tele-med? If you have an IC&RC credential you don't have to worry about how your license will be accepted because with a one page application your certification will provide state reciprocity and then you can be a tele-med provider.

6. For substance abuse providers, you can work with EAP's (Employee Assistance Programs) all around the country and not just in Arizona. You can provide assessment and referral and widen your practice.

7. Are you working with the Veteran's administration or Native American Nations? Certification is preferred due to reciprocity.

The reasons for getting your certification are adding up! Why wait! Get your certification along with your license and add value to your resume and your work as a therapist.