​Re-certifications require ethics and cultural diversity education along with continuing education in the appropriate field of your certification. You will need to include copies of CE certificates with your re-certification package. HIV/AIDS education is required only for the initial certification. Please find the appropriate re-certification package for you below. The form for International Certificates is at the bottom of the page.

  1. Print off your appropriate re-certification packet.
  2. Complete the application packet and mail it in with $150 check or money order made out to ABCAC.
  3. You will receive your certificate in the mail.
  4. ​Obtain your IC&RC certification through this online form:

Please contact ABCAC with any questions.

To obtain your IC&RC International Certificate form, click this website

The International Certificate form can be completed and sent directly to IC&RC should you decide to obtain an International Certificate at any time during your certification period with any IC&RC member board.